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This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is non-psychoactive. Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower. The CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami cut used in this cross has the strongest stalk of any plant we have grown and sports a unique, terpinolene-forward flavor similar to GG4 and the Sour Diesel / Chem / OG lines. Sour Space Candy Hemp Buds Premium CBD Hemp Bud Get High CBD Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower. Our Sour Space Candy was grown in Colorado one of our in network farms. Grown with all organic practices & cared for with love. You will immediately notice the attention the growers paid to this strain Space Candy Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly

2 oz 200 mg CBD Directions for use: Recommended for all-over use as needed. Contains ingredients known to help prevent and relieve muscle pain, muscle 

Sour Space Candy is a Sour Tsunami and ERB cross. Very aromatic and pungent, Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower will have a sour fuel-like flavor, the contribution of ERB transforms the flavor into something that can only be described as: sour candy from outer space! CBD Hemp Flower | Sour Space Candy | Indoor SKU: 456985236548 Categories: 1oz Hemp Bud, Bulk CBD Hemp Buds, Pre-Rolls Tags: Cbd hemp buds, Feminized no seeds, Fire Ass CBD Hemp Buds, hemp buds, indoor, Sour Space Candy, sour space candy cbd, sour space candy cbd drug test, sour space candy cbd effects, sour space candy cbd flower, sour space candy cbd flower effects, sour space candy cbd Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Review - Dr.Ganja Continuing our tradition of reviewing the hemp we get in here at Dr. Ganja, today we have a special newcomer: Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower! I’ve smoked and vaped Sour Space Candy for about a week now to get its true personality. It is to date, the most potent CBD flower I’ve tried.

Today we will be looking at Empire Wellness flowers (US): Special Sauce, Cherry Wine, Otto, Space Candy and Lemon Drop. If you are looking for a high-CBD low-THC hemp buds, you should try Empire Wellness flowers.

Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower by OG Labs has a profile similar to Sour Diesel while bringing even more sour flavors to the mix. Shop now. 22 Nov 2019 Exotic CBD Hemp Flower and Premium Cannabis Products. BackWoodz offers a large selection of premium CBD flower and rare dank exotic  Sour Space Candy | Berkshire CBD

In addition to having one of the greatest names in the world of CBD hemp flower, Sour Space Candy sits at the top of the podium when it comes to delivering a clear, enlivened calm. Just like the name implies, Sour Space Candy is more than just your average indulgence. With a reputation for a balanced relaxation, Sour Space Candy is a great

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